November 04, 2019 2 min read

The Best Man Checklist for Every Guy

It's an honor when a friend or family member asks you to be their best man. Congrats, you won bro, your the best.  But you're still probably overwhelmed about where to begin. As the groom's go-to guy, there's a lot to do, but you can ace your best man duties if you know what's expected.

What is a Best Man Supposed to do?

As the best man, you have responsibilities before the wedding and on the big day. Some of these include:

  • Helping the groom with the ring selection (lame)
  • Hearing the groom out when he's blackout drunk & just needs to vent
  • Planning and throwing an epic bachelor party (and hiding all the evidence afterwards)
  • Attending all pre-wedding events, like the engagement party and rehearsal dinner (weak af)
  • Holding the couple's rings until the exchange at the ceremony
  • Posing for pictures and playing host
  • Feeding the Groom & Groomsmen drinks (and food) but keeping them just sober enough to function
  • The Best Man Speech, the greatest responsibility 

Being a best man can be a great responsibility but its a lot of fun. How often do you get a chance to roast your friend in front of all of his friends & family?

You should spend most of your time planning an epic bachelor party & on writing your best man speech. Since your probably going to be drunk, keep your speech short and sweet.

Throw in some light humor but probably don't talk about all the chicks the grooms used to bang before he settled on this one. As funny as that sounds, believe it or not, it won't go over as well as ya think.  

You're More Than a Glorified Groomsman

Although this list may have clarified a lot, the question, "What does a best man do?" may still be running through your mind. No matter what, remember that as the best man, your main priority is to take any weight off the groom's shoulders, keep his dumbass out of trouble & throw a wicked bachelor party so epic if his new wife knew 1/2 of, she might change her mind. 

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