February 17, 2020 2 min read

Groomsmen are more than ushers who show up in a tux on the day of your wedding. They are your family & shithead friends. The men (and even sometimes women) who support the groom before the marriage, acting as advisers, organizers and helpers before and during the wedding.

Picking groomsmen who can handle the responsibility to stand up with you at your wedding & is important. If you choose your argumentative asshole friend, he's going to be a real dick the whole time. If you pick your I should be in rehab friend, well, you know what your going to get. Here are some thoughts about how to pick groomsmen. 

1. Start With Your Relatives

Siblings of the groom and bride are usually the first in line for considerations when picking groomsmen. Cousins, uncles, aunts, or sisters could also be on that list, (well at least the cool ones). This is because these are the people who you’ve grown up with and will support you the most responsibly.

However, you probably have friends who have been with you through barfing on lawns, running from cops, chasing tail & all the jazz that you might want to consider. 

2. Personality Traits of Groomsmen

Before making a list of people, think about what you expect from your groomsmen. Groomsmen should be reliable and be prepared. The groomsmen usually pay for their own wedding responsibilities, so take that into consideration or include that in your own budget. Think about personality, too. You don’t want a groomsman that doesn’t get along with people.

3. Think About Bro-Feelings

Hurt feelings from not be chosen as a groomsman can make a future relationship difficult. Sometimes, it can be better to include one more person just to avoid offending a friend. If possible just include "fringe-guy" to keep him happy.

Worst case scenario its one more guy to splurge on booze, drugs & strippers for the bachelor party. Now, your making a dude happy & making an investment into yourself.

Pick your groomsmen wisely because they’ll be part of your wedding day memories forever & shitheads are gonna be shitheads. 

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